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SOTA in South Dakota; or how we spent Allison’s 45th bday weekend

We decided to go to South Dakota literally 48 hours before leaving. We’d planned two other trips to celebrate Allison’s 45th birthday, and each successively had been thwarted by poor weather. Setting out at 2am on Friday morning, we drove ~950mi arriving in the Black Hills at dinner time to crystalline blue skies and the western landscape we were looking for.

Saturday morning we got on the trail relatively early with the goal being three or four summits. We managed two.

From the top of Little Devil’s Tower W0D/BB-030

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I am not sure why I haven’t been posting SOTA reports here, but I am going to start now. SOTA is a pursuit which involves taking a radio transceiver to the top of a mountain, setting up a station, and then talking to people (or beeping at them in morse code). If you make four contacts you’re awarded points and the contacts are awarded them as well. The number of points you get depends on the height and/or prominence of the mountain. It depends on some other stuff too, but that’s basically it. It’s sorta like Ingress (or Pokemon Go if that’s how you roll) but with mountains and ham radio.

It’s a really fantastic excuse to get to the mountains, and it’s spurred us to a whole bunch of roadtrips over the past six months. Anything that does that can’t be too bad right?

Knob Lick Mt, MO (W0M/SF-030)